The weekend is structured to give the men who are attending a chance to pause from everyday roles and responsibilities in a safe place where they will have a chance to open up with other men and to experience a deep and personal encounter with God.

It is organized in the following manner:

Session One

Builds a team within the work groups of six. A participant will be with the same group throughout the weekend and will have a chance to experience the trust and confidence found within a tight inner circle.


Session Two

Gives a participant a chance to discover what really makes him the person he is and allow him to get to know his work group at a deeply personal level.

Session Three

Will help a participant uncover and begin to understand what might be holding him back from pursuing his true potential with clarity and purpose. Everyone faces adversity at some point(s), and sometimes we turn in on ourselves. This is a place and a time set aside to get a good look inward with the support of other Christian men.

Session Four

Is the center point of the retreat. This is where a participant takes a hard and honest look at his life and makes intentional choices about what is working for him and what baggage he wants to discard. This experience will help him return home with a better understanding of how to manage his earthly challenges and take steps toward becoming the man he would truly like to be.

Session Five

Is where a participant explores the dream that our Maker has created for each individual. He will discover how he is a unique gift to the community of men around him. Many men discover a new sense of empowerment and how to access it.

Session Six

Gives a participant the chance to develop a sense of his personal mission in the world and how to move that mission forward while being supported by others. He will find ways to integrate his spiritual life into everything he does.

Session Seven

Will launch the future and set up what will happen in the follow-up sessions. This is a time to celebrate!

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Next Retreat Dates:

Nov 9-11    Memphis, TN
Mar 8-10, 2019    Oregonia, OH