What is the difference between a “work group” and a “small group”?
A small group is a general category for groups in the church: prayer groups, Bible study groups, support groups, new member assimilation groups, and so forth. A work group is a group of men that is designed for one purpose: transformative learning.
What do you mean by transformative learning? 

”Transformative learning” is used in contrast to “self improvement” or behavior modification where one attempts to will certain change(s) in their life – often by trying; then trying harder and finally trying harder again before giving up.

Rather, this process involves the transformation of the whole person in thoughts, behaviors, and styles of relating with God and others. It’s the process by which God forms Christ’s character in believers, in the context of community. It is the byproduct of a vibrant, deep and honest relationship with God and others.

What does a work group do?

Work groups are facilitated by a leader. Pretense is checked at the door in favor of authentic truth from the heart. There is a low tolerance for superficiality and a high tolerance for imperfection. This is a rare place where it is safe to let down your guard.

Who are the teachers?

Unlike much of our church experience, this weekend is not conducted in a teacher/student or teacher/classroom model. The learning occurs throughout the weekend, often in serendipity and comes out of experience rather than lecture or sermon formats.

Can I bring a friend?
You are welcome to bring a friend or friends! Be aware, however, that the weekend experience is a deeply personal experience. So you may not have a lot of opportunity to interact with your friend(s). But it’s pretty cool to have the shared experience, nevertheless.
Is “Iron on Iron” associated with a particular church or denomination?
No. It is designed for any man interested in following Jesus. We are not associated with any denomination or specific church.

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