Iron on Iron program consists of a weekend retreat with 12-week follow-up written by Lyman Coleman exclusively for the Development Foundation for Small Group Ministries.


Christ-centered. It is grounded in the historic Christian tradition as given in the Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed.
Church-based. It is sponsored by a fellowship in a local church where men can build deep, lasting relationships over a long period of time.
Discipleship-driven. Participants meet as work teams to offer accountability and support for a daily walk with God.
Free of charge. The Development Foundation of Small Group Ministries offers the FREE USE of this protocol. The institution or group using the materials will be given a one-time, nonexclusive license to use and duplicate the materials of the program at no cost with the stipulation that no changes may be made to the material or procedures, and the licensee will make no profit from the duplication and distribution of the materials.

Iron on Iron retreat and 12-week follow-up encourages men to take a serious look at their lives, make significant decisions about their spiritual journey, and work with other men who offer accountability and support for those decisions. This is an opportunity for men to explore the difference Christian faith can make in their lives as they relate to their families, coworkers, and others in the Christian community.

The Foundation

The Development Foundation for Small Group Ministries is a private foundation that exists to promote quality Christ-centered and Scripture-based materials for church use. Through the years the board has included executives from the finest Christian publishers, leaders in both secular and Christian men’s ministries, educators, and heads of industry who represent a broad spectrum of Christian denominations.
The current board members are:
Lyman Coleman, author and speaker, primary contributor and editor of the Serendipity Bible, and stimulator of small group ministries around the world from Sun Lakes, Arizona
Jeff Fortenbery, entrepreneur and builder of custom guitars from Liberty Township, Ohio
Dave Long, owner and CEO of a manufacturing company from Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Nap Overton, university professor and former business analyst from Memphis, Tennessee

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Next Retreat Dates:

Nov 9-11    Memphis, TN
Mar 8-10, 2019    Oregonia, OH